Unsung Atlanta Behind the Photographs: Woman Sitting

I passed by this woman as I was making my way through West Midtown.  She was still sitting in the same spot on my way back to my car and that’s when I took this picture.  While I normally might have passed by again, at this moment I had so many questions. Why was she sitting in that particular spot?  What was she thinking about?  What is her life like? How is it different from mine and how is it similar?

The process of taking photographs for Unsung Atlanta has helped me to see more of my surroundings. This particular image was an important reminder of how everyone I come across has a unique story, yet as humans we all share the experience of living together on this planet.  We all experience different triumphs and heartbreaks, yet we have all experienced the glory of accomplishment and the tragedy of loss.  We all have different talents and interests, yet we are all searching for the journeys that give our lives meaning.  We all have different things that light up our eyes, but we all have a light to share.