Unsung Atlanta Behind the Photographs: Railway & Skyline

This is another photograph that was taken in West Midtown.  If you look closely you can see that the bridge in this image is the same bridge that appears in another photo from the series, but from a different perspective.  

It's amazing what a shift in perspective can do. In this case it allowed the trains to come into the scene, and in doing so gives a picture of the evolution and change that Atlanta is constantly undergoing.  The train tracks and the old bridge look like they have been overseeing this area of town long before some of the huge buildings came along. 

All of these different elements—the trains and the bridges and the skyscrapers, the old and the new—have found a way to share this same space.  And together they make Atlanta the great city that it is.  Looking forward, they have the ability to help make it the even better city that it can be.  

As the people of this city, we have the power to do these same things.  At its best, Atlanta is a place where people of different ages, races, and cultures can come together and create something that is even better than the sum of the beautifully diverse parts.  My hope is that we can stay focused on that vision for our city and our world.