Unsung Atlanta Behind the Photographs: Overlooking Atlanta

As I was driving around Atlanta seeking the the unseen beauty of the city, I made an impromptu stop at the cemetery where this photo was taken.  I had passed the entrance to the place many times and had wondered what was behind the large trees obscuring the view.  Today was the day to find out.  

Once I drove through the entrance gate, I saw that the cemetery was built on a steep hill.  I drove to the top and found a good place to park.  When I got out of my car, the statue you see of the couple with their arms around each other immediately caught my eye.  I walked around and photographed the statue from different angles, but when I stood behind the statue and could see all the way to the buildings downtown, I knew I had my shot.  This was another one of those moments where I couldn't just take the photo and leave.  Once I had the images I wanted, I put the camera down and experienced the moment myself, taking in the same view those two had been looking at since they were placed there.

I ended up using this image in a lot of the promotional material for Unsung Atlanta because I believe it is the purest representation of my vision for this project.  There is an element of togetherness as the two statues hold each other and experience the breathtaking scene.  There is the love for the city that they are overlooking, almost looking out for like guardian angels.  There is the uncertainty and the unsettling feeling of not knowing what will come next for their home.  But most of all there is hope—hope that as we zigzag through the ups and downs the future will bring that we will continue to move towards justice for the downtrodden, equality for those who have been counted as less, peace for those hurt by conflict, and love for all people across our city and our world.