Unsung Atlanta Behind the Photographs: Trumpet Player

I played the trumpet for ten years and still write and perform music today, so when I saw this trumpet player on the street corner across from Ponce City Market, I had to stop and listen. When he took a break I told him I enjoyed the music and gave him the only cash I had in my wallet at the time: a single dollar bill.  

He was grateful for the small gift but I think he was more grateful for the conversation.  He told me that I was the only person all day that had stopped to talk to him.   He went on to say that the reason he played on the street corner was that in Psalm 150 the trumpet was one of the instruments used to praise God.  We were standing right outside the old Masquerade building and he talked about the time he had been offered a chance to play with someone at the Masquerade but turned it down because he felt like he was supposed to play outside for the world to hear.

Sometimes we forget that one of the greatest gifts we have to give is our time.  I'm glad that the short conversation I was able to have with this man made his day better—it made mine better too.