Unsung Atlanta Behind the Photographs: Pride

One of the last photographs I shot for my Unsung Atlanta series was taken not far from where I came across the two musicians in my first photo.  I was walking along the Atlanta Beltline when I looked up and saw that someone had hung the American Flag alongside the LGBTQ Pride flag in their window.  I stood there reflecting on the image and taking it in, then realized I had to take a photo of the scene.  I went back to this same spot a few weeks later and the flags were gone.

During the editing process, I knew I wanted to leave the color in the flags.  It’s the only splash of color in the entire series and along with making sure people can clearly see the details of the flags, it also highlights what these flags represent at their best: that we are all different, but we can peacefully share the same city, the same country, and the same planet, lifting each other up, loving each other, and celebrating people in pursuit of a fulfilled and purposeful life.  We aren't yet able to look at images like this without feeling the tension of not living up to the American ideal of equality for all, but I believe we are heading in that direction and that we will continue to move closer to a time when we realize we are all just different colors on the same flag.