Unsung Atlanta Behind the Photographs: Couple & Dog Relaxing

I passed by this couple and their dog on my way to Krog Street Market.  I thought about what a great picture it would make, but I didn't have the guts to ask if they minded being photographed, so I kept walking.  I was a little disappointed in myself for not being bold enough to get the shot.  I promised that if they were still there on my way back, I would at least ask if I could take a picture.

On my way back they were still there, and the dog was sprawled on the sidewalk just like before . . . but I walked by again.  When I was a few steps from my car, I realized I couldn't go home without at least attempting to get the picture.  I turned back (hoping the couple wouldn't realize how many times I had passed them) and asked if I could take a few photos.  I told them it just looked too perfect with their dog sleeping beside them.  They didn't mind at all so when they went back to what they were doing, I took the photo you see above.

The photograph evokes feelings of rest, relaxation, and effortlessness, but the effort that went into getting the photograph is a testament to what can happen when you push past the limits of what you are comfortable with.