Unsung Atlanta Behind the Photographs: Statue & Skyscraper, Oakland Cemetery

I love visiting cemeteries.  I know to some that may sound creepy and morbid, but I think they can be a place of beauty and peace.  We can find beauty in our lives because we are reminded of how unique and precious each moment is.  We can find peace in the knowledge that our mistakes and shortcomings are not as important as we think when we take a bigger, more cosmic view of our lives and life in general.

This photograph was taken in Atlanta's Oakland Cemetery.  It's a monstrous place that exudes history the moment you step onto the premises (It was first constructed in 1850).  At one point while I was walking among the tombstones, I looked up and realized that from my perspective the statue in this picture was occupying the same frame as the tallest building in Atlanta, the Bank of America building.  That building seemed to follow me wherever I went, watching me from it's perch atop a hill, stretching into the Atlanta sky, hopefully approving of my journey to document the unseen beauty of the city.  Sometimes we need to look up—in this case it helped me see things from a new perspective and that’s when I took the photo you now see.

I don't know when the statue pictured was constructed, but some of the structures in that cemetery are well over a century old.  I thought about all the things this statue, this woman, might have seen.  The history and the change that she had been witness to.  All the lives that have been lived under her watch.  Atlanta is the city that it is today because of the people that now lie in places such as Oakland Cemetery.  They have each added their own gifts and personality to the city we call home.  Now we have the opportunity to leave our mark.